The soap bar comes in a large cream coloured block measuring 7cm x 6cm. It’s oily to the touch but once you use it with water, it lathers up pretty well. The most striking aspect to this bar is the intense aroma – it really zings along your senses.

Seymour Yang


Thank you so much to Full Guard for taking care of me! now I am safe against skin problems!

Leo Queiroz


Love stocking these products! Students are snapping them up! Its great to have a safeguard against ring worm and skin infections at our club

Ruilsip BJJ

Thanks for the delivery! Looking forward to being Staph infection resistant!

Kit Dale

Loving the extra Protection Full Guard Soap provides me!!!!!

This is the best BJJ Soap on the market by far.

Lak Sekhon

MMA Fighter/MMA Instructor