Whether you’re a grappler, gymer or boxer, at every club you’d have that one stinky person you try to avoid (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, it could be you!).

Staying clean is paramount in the athlete world to prevent skin problems like ringworm and staph, aside from making sure you smell decent!

Below are our top tips to keep stong hygiene. 

1. Wash Equipment As Soon As Possible

Leaving training wear in your bag overnight is the perfect environment for bacteria to ferment and grow, contaminating the rest of your gym bag. Finishing training in the evening makes it difficult to put a wash cycle on that night, but it’s the best thing for your Gi’s, rashguards and gym wear in the long run.

2. Use An Anti-Bacterial Soap.

High street soaps are great for washing a base level of bacteria and making you smell nice. But use an athlete designed soap like Full Guards Combat soap to get a deep scrub and utilise ingredients like tea tree and hemp that fight bacteria. Pretty soaps like Dove and the supermakets own brand aren’t geared up to fight staph, ringworm and other skin infections

3. Leave The Gym Clean

Not everyone can shower at the gym. If you can’t, your journey home will mean the bacteria on your hands potentially touch your steering wheel, house doors and even your family. Full Guards Defender Gel provides the perfect hand sanitisation, if applied straight after training you’re reducing the spread of bacteria

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4. Got something? Apply medication

Getting the first signs of a rash, ringworm or staph? Apply medication immediately. These things not only itch like crazy and can cause you to stop training, they can also spread to team mates. Applying Full Guards defender gel helps get rid of infections quicker

Got any tips of your own? Have a routine you follow? Let us know by commenting below…