Conventional vs Athlete Soap

Is the athlete soap market a gimmick? Or is it the real deal?

To start the debate, a list of what conventional soap is best for;

–     Cleaning a base level of germs

–     Making skin feel soft and nice

–     Allowing you to smell good,

perfect when you’ve got a hot date or getting ready to go out on the town.

But the above isn’t what you need if you’ve spent an amount of time making contact with gym equipment, rolling on the mats or exchanging sweat fluids (as nasty as that sounds, if you’re doing a contact sport, that’s what you’re doing!!!).

Image result for sweaty fight bjj

This is where FULL GUARD Combat Soap meets the needs of athletes.

So, how does it help and what does the soap provide?

A deep exfoliating cleanse, to get rid of deep lying dirt (picture using the rough part of the sponge to wash dried dirty dishes!)

Anti bacterial & anti fungal ingredients such as tea tree and peppermint, fighting your corner against infections

The natural healing qualities of hemp oil, vouched for by combat athletes such as Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo and Conor McGregor

A barrier between you and mat/bench grime, created by the combination of essential oils that promote healthier skin and its natural defensive qualities

Finally, the contentious part… The price.

The UKs best selling soap brand is priced at £2.50. FULL GUARD Combat Soap, £4.

Would you spend £1.50 to add a safety blanket, ensuring you and your team mates remain bacteria free and train uninterrupted?

Convinced? Click here to bag yourself the FULL GUARD Combat Soap to keep yourself protected.

Do you grapple, use the gym or play sports? What’s your cleaning routine and how do you ensure you remain infection free to train?